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Edcamp Meets CA Teachers Summit

Over 14,000 educators across the state of California gathered for the first California Teachers Summit taking place at 33 colleges and universities. In an effort to empower those in attendance, part of the day was designed to bring the Edcamp unconference model in and allow voice and choice.

You may be wondering why I was involved if I’m not a California teacher. Well, my friends in the Bay Area have already adopted me…AND the Edcamp Foundation asked me to help. How could I say no to a trip to Bakersfield at the end of July?

Friday was truly a special day for the 500+ attendees at CSU Bakersfield because I got to introduce them to Edcamp. The CSU Bakersfield staff were a little anxious about the two hour chunk of time that had no set schedule, but I promised them that they could trust me to help guide everyone and to also trust the process. Sure, there were people that were uncomfortable. There were also skeptics. But I saw a session board grow in front of my eyes in five minutes and I knew that they were ready. With the reminder to contribute to the conversation, use the rule of two feet, and a little luck…they were sent on their way. As I walked the campus making my way into a variety of sessions, I could feel the energy. It was electrifying. It was invigorating. People were sharing, taking notes, and learning.

As we ended our time, there were takeaways shared through a Padlet. The overwhelming majority of comments were positive and reflected the same energy that I witnessed. As the day drew to a close, all attendees were once again asked to reflect on their day and share their thoughts with the group. Several people highlighted choice of learning, getting the opportunity to learn from others, sharing best practices, and building community. It is through the California Teacher Summit and the Edcamp unconference that these highlights came to be. Because, we are better together.

There are over 14,000 educators that experienced a little slice of an Edcamp; And for that, my heart is happy.


CoffeeEDU Nebraska

Nothing makes my heart more happy than to see educators getting together for a cup of coffee and some conversation aboutcoffeeEDU-v2-black-250 education…especially when these educators do so at 6:30 AM!

Nebraska had its very first CoffeeEDU on Wednesday, September 17 in Omaha and people actually came! 12, in fact. This meetup is a new model that I’m trying to get going here in the state, with the support of NETA and awesome people across Nebraska. Given that I get to travel this great state quite often, I figured that provided wonderful meetup opportunities for educators to get together and talk.

The idea is simple, really: find a place, create a flyer of some sort, share it on social media, show up, and let participants talk about educational topics that they are interested in. It is participant-driven and designed to allow everyone the opportunity to share…just like my personal favorite form of PD – Edcamp!

This first meetup was a great way to see how it works, how it could work, and how I can help facilitate or ask questions should no one feel like sharing. I look forward to taking CoffeeEDU across the state to other cities and getting more educators involved. Hope you can join us sometime soon!

#coffeeEDU Omaha 9/17
Thanks to Corey Dahl for capturing our first CoffeEDU.

* For more information about CoffeeEDU, check out their site or contact Alice Keeler.