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Five Things To Do INSTEAD of Watching a Movie Before Break

Dear teacher,

It’s the last week of school before break. You are reaching your limits, and so are your students. Your personal holiday busyness is bleeding into your classroom…and you just want to put a movie in. I get it, I’ve been there. But before you do, think.

  • Did you know that watching a movie for entertainment (not tied to curriculum), is not considered fair use and is a violation of copyright?
  • What message are we sending students and parents by watching a movie during instructional time?
  • Could this time be used for something else?

Instead of watching a movie this last week before break, here are five options to consider:

5 by Leo Reynolds is licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA
  1. Design: 
  2. Create:
    • Build a makerspace with everyday objects
    • Make commercials and record (even use YOUR phone)
  3. Play:
    • Pull that book of reader’s theater out and put one together
    • Bring back art activities in the classroom: paint, draw, sketch, build
  4. Investigate:
  5. Code:
    • Give students more time to get in and play with all those great sites that you discovered during the Hour of Code week.

It may be tempting to pop that movie in, but look at all of these meaningful activities that could happen instead. Imagine the problem-solving, critical-thinking, creativity, collaboration, and fun that could take place. Share what you end up doing with your students – I’d love to know!