Today, I opened up a box of new dishes that I purchased almost two years ago. I was waiting for the right time to welcome these beautiful pieces into my kitchen, and somewhere in that timeframe life happened. As I began to unpack these perfect blue and green dishes, I discovered a missing setting and two large pieces that shattered during shipping.

I sat looking at the broken pieces for almost an hour and thought about how this moment could represent so many other things.

Waiting for the perfect moment.
Shattered on the inside.
Illusion of perfection.


Life is a beautiful mess. We are not guaranteed things. Use the damn dishes. Today.

Don’t unpack the box two years from now and find yourself wishing you would’ve done it sooner.


One thought on “Dishes

  1. I wait for the perfect time, too. Weirdly with clothing. Outfits saved, for both me & the kids, for specific events, days, times…. and meanwhile, the prettiest things spend much of the time hanging lonely in the closets.

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