Siloed and Silent No More

CC0 Public Domain

Conversations in my workplace and among my peers from other state departments have me thinking a lot about silos lately. They seem to be literal and figurative these days. We want more collaboration in our own workplaces, among different teams, and between PK-12 schools, service agencies, postsecondary, and business/industry. Yet we remain siloed and silent.

We claim to be working together…and some of us are. There have become great models of collaborative relationships that are mutually beneficial and support students. Which is why we are all here, right? Yet, we have so much more to do.

It was such a great experience to partake in the Instructional Improvement System workgroup with the Education Information Management Advisory Consortium through CCSSO. It is my hope that the conversations that took place, carry on, and move in a forward progression to be able to work with one another. It makes me giddy at the thought…states working together to share valuable resources. We would model the very thing we’re asking our schools and students to do.

I envision siloed and silent no more. I promise to try to make this happen.

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