Not Reflecting

February 4th, 2015 was the last time I sat down to blog and reflect through writing. I started off strong this year…and yet here I am 57 days after my last post. So what went wrong?

I can blame time. I can blame not wanting to write. But if I’m being honest, it’s because I’m not reflecting or even taking the time to reflect. And there have been some amazing things that have happened in 57 days. No, really.

Highlights would include: completing my first Whole30, not stopping, and committing to a Whole100; speaking at my first international conference in Mexico where my Spanish quickly returned; celebrating the 10th anniversary of the YP Summit with some of Omaha’s best Young Professionals and learning some great things in the process; enjoying the 5th anniversary of EdcampOmaha with our highest number of attendees; and finally joining Bellevue Public Schools’ first student authors showcasing their published iBooks for the NeBooks Project.

These are big events, folks. And I let them slip by without taking the opportunity to process things learned, seen, felt, or heard. For that, I am sad. It is in this process that learnings become concrete and memories become very tangible pictures. I am not reflecting, and therefore I am not allowing myself to grow.

It is my hope to change this. I want to grow. For me, that starts with reflecting.


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