We Don’t Coast

When Josh and I started thinking about things we wanted to do for EdcampOmaha’s 5th anniversary, we thought about swag. Naturally. Come on, we’re teachers that still like a solid shirt that we can proudly wear and talk about. We have certainly been able to do that with the past two EdcampOmaha shirts. They have been logos that we are proud to wear in an effort to spread the word about EdcampOmaha and the Edcamp movement, as well as recognize the educators that have been a part of EdcampOmaha.

It is in that same spirit that we wanted to include Greater Omaha’s new campaign “We Don’t Coast“. This campaign gets at why it is we are Omaha. We chose to be in the center. We Don’t Coast.

So when it comes down to bringing these two powerful movements together…

EdcampOmaha … We Don’t Coast. We Empower Educators.We Don't Coast EdcampOmaha

This is a bold statement that captures the spirit of EdcampOmaha and Edcamps in general. We believe teacher-driven learning can change professional development. It is about choice and empowerment. We hope you choose to join us for this learning opportunity at EdcampOmaha on March 21. Registration is open: edcampomaha.wikispaces.com

Oh, and don’t forget to get a shirt that you can proudly wear!

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