My Father’s Arm

Parenthood will air its final episode tomorrow night and I’m terribly sad by this thought. It’s just a show…I know. But it somehow manages to feel so real.

Last week the oldest Braverman daughter, Sarah, told her dad, Zeek, that she was engaged. He just elected to not have another heart surgery, so he is not in great health. When he said he couldn’t wait to walk her down the aisle, it really hit her…and then it really hit me.

The previews for the final episode show the wedding taking place and both of them walking down the aisle. And I can’t help but get incredibly emotional as I see even this brief clip.

I walked down my sandy beach aisle four years and eleven days after my dad passed. It was painful to not have my father’s arm. It still is.

I have so many other wonderful men in my life, whose arms are available. For that, I thank them.

So, I will be watching with tears, as I think about how I missed the chance to walk down the aisle with my dad. But I will also be comforted in knowing that other arms will walk with me now…until one day I am reunited with both my father’s arm and Heavenly Father’s arm.

5 thoughts on “My Father’s Arm

  1. kristina Marie. That is a beautiful writing your dad was and is very proud of you in so many ways. He did watch you walk down the isle when you were a little girl in our wedding. I know it’s not the same but he was very proud to watch you then. I have so many great memories of your mom and dad and watching you and Zachary grow up. And yes someday you will walk in your daddy’s arms in a bigger place. Love and hugs.

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