Building My House – Reflecting on 2014

I started as the eLearning Specialist & School Library Liaison at the Nebraska Department of Education in June 2013. This was a new position on a new team – Network, Education, and Technology (NEaT) – and I got to create it as I went. The first couple of months were really rough because no one knew who I was or knew how I could help them, nor did I have any direction in my work internally or externally. As the 2013-2014 school year started, I began to settle in by joining committees across the state and consciously building relationships to create a solid foundation in my work.

When I think in the terms of building a house (which was consequently taking place at the time that I transitioned into this role), a stable foundation is required before the framework can begin. Therefore, 2013 was my foundation pouring and curing. Which means 2014 was my framing. No, I didn’t get the whole house built yet. Building a house takes time and I believe in quality.

The year 2014 was built piece by piece to create an entire framed house. There were things that had to take place, in order for others to happen. There were many meetings, presentations, workshops, trainings, and hours on the road. There were milestones like becoming a NETA Board Member and a Google Education Trainer, introducing NDE to Google and social media, giving my second keynote, being involved in MANY amazing educonversations with everyone from Nebraska educators to state level leaders and even the President’s Education Policy Committee. Milestones and memories.

Piece by piece, every moment built my house.

I’m ready to add the plumbing, electrical, drywall and more in 2015. So what will you build in 2015?

One thought on “Building My House – Reflecting on 2014

  1. I love that analogy Kristina. I too, feel like I am laying a foundation right now as my role has recently changed. In fact, I am building a school… not the building but the pedagogy, culture, etc. Right now we are working to share the story of our school concept with the community. It seems though, as we begin to build a future ready school, that the idea is that we never finish, but continue to refine what we do and be willing to adapt and change. I happen to live in a historic home. Though it has a solid foundation we work hard to keep it updated. Once that plumbing is installed you can bet that it will need some work to keep it going. Thanks for such a great post!

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