Connections. I have used this word so many times this past month. But it really comes down to the connections.

This month has been full of travel in my own state and out. When I reflect on the month as a whole, I can’t help but think about the people that I got to meet and reconnect with, as well as create new memories together.

I knew that October was going to be a busy month that might cause me to potentially burnout. But I also knew that I had familiar faces in each place that would remind me of why I was there as a learner or leader, help renew my energy when it might be waning, and continue to challenge me in a variety of capacities. What better way to celebrate Connected Educator Month? I don’t think there is any other way.

It is in months of travel like this…meeting with educators and friends, new and old…I am so very thankful for the connections.

To all of you that I have been connected with for five years or even 5 minutes, I thank you. Whether you knew it or not, your friendship has made a difference in my life both professionally and personally. I only wish that more educators could see the power of connections beyond their classrooms and buildings, to truly understand why it matters and how it can be the best thing that they’ve ever known.


2 thoughts on “Connections

  1. Being connected and reaching out has been the best thing! I have been blessed by having met you at the first EdcampOmaha. You have wonderful ideas to share, you are supportive, and you have become a good friend! Thank you for this post and for all the sharing over the years!

    1. Christine, you are just one of the many reasons this community matters! Thank you for your kind words. Writing this made me realize that I need to start writing more again…new goal. Huzzah! See you in KC!

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