CoffeeEDU Nebraska

Nothing makes my heart more happy than to see educators getting together for a cup of coffee and some conversation aboutcoffeeEDU-v2-black-250 education…especially when these educators do so at 6:30 AM!

Nebraska had its very first CoffeeEDU on Wednesday, September 17 in Omaha and people actually came! 12, in fact. This meetup is a new model that I’m trying to get going here in the state, with the support of NETA and awesome people across Nebraska. Given that I get to travel this great state quite often, I figured that provided wonderful meetup opportunities for educators to get together and talk.

The idea is simple, really: find a place, create a flyer of some sort, share it on social media, show up, and let participants talk about educational topics that they are interested in. It is participant-driven and designed to allow everyone the opportunity to share…just like my personal favorite form of PD – Edcamp!

This first meetup was a great way to see how it works, how it could work, and how I can help facilitate or ask questions should no one feel like sharing. I look forward to taking CoffeeEDU across the state to other cities and getting more educators involved. Hope you can join us sometime soon!

#coffeeEDU Omaha 9/17
Thanks to Corey Dahl for capturing our first CoffeEDU.

* For more information about CoffeeEDU, check out their site or contact Alice Keeler.

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