Empowered to Stop Being Comfortable


“Speak for the silent, and stand for the broken.” These words that were spoken by Mike Smith from Skate for Change are still resonating with me at this very moment. I understand the importance of this phrase and feel the call to action, as well.

The Omaha Young Professional Summit’s theme this year was “Empower” and it was certainly felt throughout the day. Each speaker, whether in a keynote or breakout session, challenged us with this verb as a call to action. Empower is giving someone the authority or power to do something. In this case, our charge is recognizing that WE have the power to do something that can make serious change. I’ve already started reflecting on what I can do in my personal and professional life to give back, move forward, or create change. Not sure where that will take me at this exact moment, but it’s there and it has been stirred to attention.

I’ve heard the question before, “What do you want your legacy to be?”…but there was something that felt different today when Mike asked a room full of talented and amazing young professionals that I can call peers, colleagues, and mentors. We have the possibility to make change and shape our futures in a way that no generation has before. This is both an incredible and terrifying thought. But while this may potentially be scary, it could also be the greatest decision we make in order to leave our mark on this world. If “nobody leaves a legacy by being comfortable”, then why should we remain stagnant?


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