I Learned. At an Edcamp.

#EdcampKC this past Saturday was my 7th Edcamp.


It is, by far, my favorite form of professional development. The grassroots effort behind the planning, the delivery, the sessions, the conversations, the learning…it’s all real. When 300 educators come together on a Saturday, to improve what they do, it’s real.

Edcamps aren’t pretentious. There are no presentations to show off. There are healthy debates. There are moments of real honesty.

Technology may or may not play a part of the day. And that is ok. Heather Braum (@hbraum) led a session for teacher librarians and worried that because it didn’t involve tech, it might not have a mass appeal. The wifi crashed and we weren’t able to share out our learning as much as we hoped. But the conversations and learning continued…

Maybe the simplicity of the day helped us focus on what we all needed in that moment. It did for me. I reconnected with friends. I took in the beauty of the Nelson-Atkins. I laughed. I acted like a dork (no surprise). I was rejuvenated and challenged.

I learned. At an Edcamp.

3 thoughts on “I Learned. At an Edcamp.

    1. Since spending some time reflecting on the day, these very thoughts ran through my mind. What if we did a tech-free Edcamp? Would conversations be richer? Would connections become stronger? It’s tough to say. I want Edcamp newbies to see that it’s way more than technology, but if that’s nowhere to be found, would we scare people off? Thanks for the thoughts @wmchamberlain and for continually pushing my own learning.

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