No More Should Be

It went something like this…

400 students sat on the gym floor while an esteemed teacher received an award for her hard work, innovation, and dedication to her practice. The staff surrounded the kids monitoring their students and looking on as the teacher accepted her award. They all looked genuinely happy and supportive of their colleague who was being recognized for her life’s passion. Then there was the one that caught the eye of another teacher, slowed the claps so it appeared painful and proceeded to roll their eyes.

It was in that moment, that I felt anger and disgust. I realize it’s sometimes hard to sit by and watch your peers be recognized for their work because it causes me to doubt the work that I do. But then it made me think that it really shouldn’t be like that. Instead, it should be a challenge. It should be a wake up call to check in on what I’m doing to help my students engage and grow. It should be the moment when I reach out to this teacher and ask her how we can work together. It should be the moment when I realize teaching is NOT about me. It should be everything but an apathetic clap and an eyeroll.

So, don’t let it be a moment of “should be” any more.

One thought on “No More Should Be

  1. I really appreciate this post, Kristina. We definitely need to be supportive and encouraging of our colleagues. Personally, I’m not crazy about teacher awards. (I have one that finds it way on my resume but not to my office/classroom walls.) However, I am generally crazy about teachers and my colleagues specifically. I celebrate them any time I can and I’m grateful any time someone sees fit to acknowledge teachers.

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