It is my belief that educators have stories to share that showcase the amazing work that they do on a daily basis. We have stories about relationships that have been fostered against all odds, achievement that happened despite the averages, student-led initiatives that compelled others to do the unthinkable, and even innovative ways that we continue to grow professionally. There are platforms in which we can share these stories…but too often they become echo chambers and our stories are only heard by our peers or those of us in education. I want more. I want teacher voices to be heard. I want to empower teachers to share their stories.

I received an email this morning that started with the typical “thank you, but…” to inform me that I had not been selected to speak at a Tedx event. Again. I half expected it, but half hoped that it might be different this time. So I tried to brush it off. That lasted all of 10 seconds. Once again, an educator’s voice about passion and innovation is silenced. Once again, my story will not be shared. Why?

Why are we afraid to let teachers share their stories? Why can we not give educators the platform in which to get their message out to an audience that isn’t fellow educators? Why must we continue to watch our profession be negatively highlighted in the media due to the salacious indiscretions of a select few? Why are our words falling on deaf ears?

I’m left with more questions than answers right now. Oh, and the story that I won’t get to share. Again.



6 thoughts on “Silence

  1. I’m sorry you are not able to share your story at a Tedx event. I know you have a passion that is fierce and infectious. I hope you will continue to share your stories through your blog and event you attend. We must keep going on and use our voices at all times. Keep your head up. They have no idea who they are rejecting.

    1. Rodney,
      Thank you for your kinds words and the encouragement. I love that you said my “passion is fierce and infectious” because I worry sometimes that it can be too much. I have to constantly check my audience and make sure I’m not turning anyone off! It’s just me though. Take it or leave it. 🙂

  2. Your voice isn’t silenced, you just can’t share at that event. Why not create your own, invite other passionate educators, and post the talks online? Could do it all virtually, like a virtual #KRISTINAx.

    1. #KRISTINAx sounds AMAZING! Bahaha! You’re entirely right that my voice isn’t silenced. After a second rejection from a Tedx event, I was simply feeling that way. But I should know better because I DO have other events and platforms. Like Dory says, “Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.”

  3. Dislike. Maybe we need to talk with some folks I know at UNL to see about doing our own TedX event comprised ONLY of educators. This isn’t a permanent, “no”, it’s just a “no, not yet”.

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