In My Element

photo (17)Ever have those moments when you know you are in your element and connections are being made all throughout the day? Welcome to my day at FETC with my Pepperdine MALT cadre.

I advocate for people to be using social media and building their personal learning network often. But it’s in the rare moments when you can see your online network connect with your real life peers, that it becomes that much more powerful.

My cadre had the opportunity to hear from amazing people today. Whether it was an hour long lunch conversation about design and learning, an impromptu round table discussion about project-based learning, a brief plug for creativity, or even a quick handshake and introduction…every interaction left a lasting impact.

I was teased about being “in my element” today as I geeked out at an ed tech conference with so many of my friends and colleagues meeting my peers. I am eternally grateful for those people giving us their time and helping my peers understand how this could be their element if they were willing to (18)


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