Taking it to the Streets

Have you seen the “Honk If You Love Someone” video? If not, you really should! It doesn’t have nearly the amount of views that it should…

I shared this video with my staff upon our return to school last week and many enjoyed it and said it made them smile.  But then there was a teacher who shared it with her 6th grade students and it got them all talking.  That soon prompted the entire class to create signs with positive statements, much like the video, along with other statements from the You Matter Manifesto by Angela Maiers.

Today was the first opportunity the students had to hold their signs up at dismissal and it was awe-inspiring.  I was on the verge of tears of joy the entire time they stood outside.  Parents waiting in cars, and students alike, were reading the signs and smiling.  This is the positive message we need to be sending to our students, parents, and community.


IMG_8163 IMG_8162 IMG_8161

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