Where in the World is Kristina Peters?

It seems like I blog a lot lately…then I realized that I’m not blogging on here, I’m blogging on my three Pepperdine blogs – one for each strand of my program.  I promise I am writing.  The thing that I also realized is that one of my favorite things to write about is my students and the small things that I get to do with them on a daily basis.  I have not been doing enough of that.  I have not been telling our story.  Which is why I’m setting a new goal for myself…blog at least once a week about something I’ve done with students.  No it’s not mandatory for class.  But it allows me to share my students with you.  They miss that and I miss that.

Just because I want to share some photos…last week was Red Ribbon Week and we celebrated with Pixar themed costume days.  The title was Mockingbird, Inc  like Monsters, Inc and each day referred to a new Pixar movie…Monday – Up – dress up like a scout or an old man; Tuesday – Toy Story – dress up like a Toy Story character; Wednesday – The Incredibles – dress up like a superhero (I chose Albert Einstein as my superhero); Thursday – A Bug’s Life – dress up like a bug or in outdoor gear; and Friday – Monsters, Inc – dress up in spirit wear.


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