I Value Three C’s

In order to prepare for my action research project, I have been asked what I value.  I have wrestled with the question for several days now because there are so many responses.  After I wrote down as many values as I could, I abandoned the list and went on with my day.  Once I finally put my mind in a relaxed state (while trying to go to sleep, of course), three values emerged, as if in a word cloud with these being the boldest of the possible choices.

I Value Three C’s:

ImageI value creativity.  I appreciate the art of thinking in unique ways.  School instills conformity, and I’m good at “playing school”, but I apply my different perspectives and experiences in everything I do.  The process of creating is the ultimate playground of questioning, problem-solving, brainstorming, visualizing, and pursuing your passion.

ImageI value connections.  I love the idea of connectedness and having a network of family, friends, and peers within reach.  It is through the act of being transparent and having conversations that I discover commonalities that further connect me to these people.  When I learn, I must also make connections.  It is through these connections that the new input of information is put into greater context and I remember.

ImageI value curiosity.  I like to ask questions and learn from them.  Questioning is often what leads to new thinking, and not just solutions.  When we question, we engage ourselves in what we are studying to be able to synthesize the information that is coming in and still wanting to know more.  This is one of the highest levels of learning, which is precisely why I continue to ask questions and learn in the process.

Photos from Flickr: Leo Reynolds


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