Pen to Paper

Old tech, new tech

Sometimes there is nothing like putting pen to paper.

After 3 days of Cadre Camp where I’ve taken notes on my laptop, iPad, and iPhone, it was a piece of paper and my cool color Sharpie pens that created our group’s video storyboard.  And by storyboard, I mean a list of all the shots to get, what questions would be asked, and follow up things to get for the editing and movie creation.  Nevertheless, it was in taking the time to actually take my fingers away from keys and my eyes away from a screen that I felt a greater sense of connection to this project.  I was able to make sense of this craziness…even for just a short while.  It also helped that I subsequently got to cross these said things off the list once they had been completed.  If you’re anything like me, there’s nothing better than the feeling of crossing things off a list (to-do, grocery, chores, or the like).

It’s kind of amusing that I would boast about the powers of writing on paper when I’m kicking off a Masters in Learning Technologies, but I am.  So I challenge you to step away from the technology and put pen to paper…see what happens.


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