Out of My Element

My profile came back to haunt me today…remember how I boasted about being right-brained, creative, and an out of the box thinker…well that was TOTALLY contested today as we were challenged with creating 1 of 3 robots to compete in the MALT15 Hunger Games. Darn you confident self…you so quickly disappeared when things got tough!

My green team chose the Nightlock Berry robot, with the other 2 robot models being distributed among the other cool color groups.  I genuinely thought that it would be the easier of the three…

Really none of the choices were appealing (other than I LOVE me some Hunger Games).  I’m the English and Social Studies student who stayed FAR away from Math and Science.  They didn’t come naturally to me.  So I automatically felt deflated, incompetent, inept, and an overall weak link among my group.  I tried to get out of my head to get past this, but I just felt miserable…figuratively and literally…I managed to make myself sick.  WHY?  Do I really think that little of my own abilities that I would cause so much stress on my body?  Apparently.

After helping Joel successfully create our first ramp to be used, I moved into my role of documentarian to capture our process – which is a BIG deal here at MALT!  I pitched in when I felt that I could, but I still fought that nagging feeling all day today.  We’ve built the robot and will program it tomorrow to see if our model will truly accomplish what it needs to.

Personally, I will continue to work on myself and reflecting how today affected me so greatly.  I like to think out of the box, but certainly not be out of my element.


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