Amazing People Don’t Just Happen

Here’s your assignment should you choose to accept it…create a professional profile on a giant sticky piece of chart paper that answers the following questions:

Who are you?
What do you believe?
What do you do?
What guides you?
What motivates you?
Where does learning fit?

My first thought was of course…we’re in our first day of classes and we all need to do the obligatory introductions so we know who we’ll be working with (and possibly barely scraping by with) for the next year of this intense program.  I even had my visual come to me within seconds of being introduced to the project.  I quickly retrieved my supplies and headed off into a more secluded area to create.

While I consider myself an artist, I prefer acrylics, paper, matte medium, paintbrushes, and the ability to layer things.  Markers and a big piece of chart paper are not my kind of creating.  Nevertheless, I worked with text.  I’m drawn to text often lately as I pin, repin, and search for striking design online.  So text made sense for me today.

I started with my @ as my focal point because it is through my digital profile of Mrskmpeters that I am connected and have found much of my identity throughout the past couple of years.  Then my name and Mrskmpeters of course.  From there, I just wrote stream of consciousness…the words educator, student, learner, and leader in the @ symbol…#geek, #edutribe, connected, social, blogger, and Twitter to show part of who I am…passionate, creative, right-brained, big idea, out of the box, visual learner, motivator, and squiggle…writer, singer, actor, crafter, artist, dreamer, music lover…a belief in God, learning NEVER ends, ALL kids can learn…I give my students a VOICE…there’s ALWAYS a better YOU to be MADE…

It was nothing fancy.  It was the best way to express who I am today, right now.  Some of these words have been part of my story for many years and some I’m developing, honing, and becoming on a daily basis.  The MALT program for me is my chance to apply my passion in all these areas and continue my journey of learning.

My new Cadre mate Heidi Bird (kindred spirit I’ve discovered already) wrote on her piece “Amazing people don’t just happen”.  This is the single most amazing sentence of today and will now be my mantra because really…amazing people don’t just happen!


4 thoughts on “Amazing People Don’t Just Happen

  1. *Like* I appreciate this post. In some ways I connected it with Pernille Ripp’s post on becoming better ( Yes, amazing people don’t just happen. They are influenced, growing, learning, making mistakes, trying again, and helping others along the way. Yep, that’s pretty amazing.

    1. Philip, thanks for the link to Pernille’s post. As a fellow believer, I can say this and know you’ll understand…I’m just the potter’s clay and He’s molding me every day.

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