New Year=New Project

The Ralston Schools Foundation has created a Scholars Program for staff members to explore and utilize the P21 Framework.  Much like Tony Wagner did in his book The Global Achievement Gap, program members will meet with community businesses to discuss what qualities and skills are necessary as an employee in the 21st Century.  The P21 Framework and the skills discussed will then be taken back to the classroom and discussed with students.  Lessons will be created to incorporate the skills and provide students with the opportunity to Name It, Claim It, Sustain It as Angela Maiers would say.  iPads will be used as the primary technology component in the project, but also as documentation for the project itself.

For those of you that know me…I never shy away from a project like this, especially when student learning gets to take place in a different capacity than the standard teach and test.  Fortunately, three friends and I created this project called #collaboreyes this summer, so I already had a lesson in mind.  In the process of detailing the project for my proposal, I discovered that my students have the potential to develop so many Survival Skills that Wagner lists and standards that the Partnership for 21st Century Skills outline.  I already knew the power of this project, but to spell it out on paper just confirmed it.

Apparently, The Ralston Schools Foundation agreed in the potential and power of the project because I was chosen for the program.  (Excuse me while I do a happy dance!) I am beyond thrilled to have this opportunity!  More importantly though, I get to have my ELL students focus on the #collaboreyes project and make their voice heard.  As an ELL teacher, this is often hard to do because of multiple factors including language barriers, lack of confidence, and most obvious, immigration.  My students will photograph themselves and the #collaboreyes, communicate the importance of the photo, and connect with fellow #collaboreyes classrooms.

Thank you all for your continued support of the #collaboreyes project!  It’s simply amazing to me that this really just started with four teachers who liked the colored sunglasses they got at a conference.

**If you don’t know about #collaboreyes, then you should.  Find out more at**

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