New School Year from a Music Lover

photo via kthread's Flickr stream

As a music lover, there was nothing greater than rushing out to buy a new release on Tuesday morning, peeling the shrinkwrap off, tearing the blasted seals back (in pieces of course), popping the cd out of the jewel case, and putting it in the player to listen to for the first time.  I would spend the time perusing the jacket to read lyrics, marvel at cover art and photos inside, and take in the wonderful sensation of new music.  This has obviously changed with digitization of music.  Instead, I pre-order my albums from various sites, hoping that a cd jacket is included so I can still waste copious amounts of time learning the words that are put to the newest arrangements of sweet notes.

As an educator, there is nothing better than mapping out how your classroom will look and feel for the new school year, moving furniture around to try it this way and that, putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls to create a new mood, organizing materials for the year in a new manner, and dreaming of how this year will be different.  My first year of teaching certainly looks different than this year.  As it should.  This change comes from my own learning, and not just because I’ve seen how I can or can’t handle little ones based on classroom design.  Instead, my awareness has made me see that the notion of “school” that I know and that I even followed in my first few years of teaching is nothing to be replicated any longer.  I’ve heard amazing speakers tell me how today’s students learn differently, I’ve learned the importance of relationships with students, I’ve made mistakes in front of students, I’ve challenged students to be global citizens, I’ve outlined my mission, and I’m more aware.

You see, the beginning of a new school year is much like that fated new release Tuesday in many ways.  I anxiously await its arrival – usually so much that I never sleep the night before it begins.  I consume it in its entirety – you know it’s bad when you stay later than the custodians, new ideas wake you from a dead sleep, or multiple evenings are spent planning and that doesn’t bother you.  I hold it precious – because new is new, whether it’s a cd or a school year.  I spend a lot of time with it – it never leaves my thoughts, ideas, or dreams.  Lastly, I share it – because what good is it, if you don’t tell others?

One thought on “New School Year from a Music Lover

  1. I can really relate to this post, especially the last part of it. Even in the middle of the summer I find myself mentally prepping for the upcoming year. I am constantly thinking about what topics I want to teach, how I want to configure my classroom, and other things like that. I’m so glad I found you and others on Twitter that understand that. So many teachers walk out of the building for the summer and don’t think about school again until the fall. I think you selected the perfect word when you said you are more aware. I think that is what sets some teachers apart from others. You feel a renewed sense of excitement because you know about all sorts of new things you can do with your students. Other teacher who are not connected are not so eager to unwrap the CD because it is the same one they have been listening to for years.

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