Missing Something

“Let’s face it, we all got on Twitter because something was missing for us in real life.”

These words were spoken at the very first session led by Beth Still during EduBloggerCon based on her post We Need to Talk About This.  It has taken me a couple of days to process them because they really resonated with me.

I was encouraged to blog and tweet in order to share and learn. It took me a while to figure out how to do this. The idea of transparency involves that big F word that Adam Bellow refers to… FEAR.

I was missing relationships that allowed me to share my successes and failures without judgement.

Over the course of almost two years, I have been able to successfully form relationships that provide this safe arena where I can be vulnerable enough to share. Much like Chris Lehmann mentioned that students need to know it’s ok to fail, so long as learning takes place, I needed that as well. And I’m better because of it. Not only a better teacher, but a better listener, a better problem-solver, and a better friend.

I WAS missing something in my real life. But now I’m not.

6 thoughts on “Missing Something

  1. Well said, Kristina! Twitter has provided me that “something missing” piece as well. The sharing and passion of the educators I’ve found on Twitter (including you) have provided me with an opportunity to continue to learn and grow. I believe that none of us are as strong as ALL of us.


  2. When a group of passionate teachers get together, it is amazing what they can do. Twitter has enabled me to connect with other passionate teachers and administrators and learn and grow as a professional. All learning involves taking a risk. Thanks for reminding me of that.

  3. Great post! I agree with your point that twitter gives you a safe place to feel vulnerable and learn from others. I agree with Adam Bellows about the FEAR factor, we have to help teachers get beyond that and start growing professionally every day! keep up the good work! (@megormi)

  4. I enjoyed reading “Missing Something.” Twitter has helped me connect with so many amazing people who have been willing to share. Through their sharing I have been learning and have been able to share with other teachers in my school. I have not tried blogging I still have that fear of writing. Blogging is something I encourage my students to do so they do not grow up with the same fear.

    Attending ISTE11 gave me an opportunity to connect with some of the Twitter educators who I follow and some that I do not follow. I think you are the one Paul R. Wood introduced you as “The Mayor” when I sat down in the Newbie Lounge and it was a pleasure meeting you. I also had the pleasure of being there when a young SLA student came by to speak with you and Paul. His confidence, self-assurance, and interaction with you and Mr. Wood were amazing and to be admired in someone so young.

    Twitter has been a portal to connect and interact with others who have a love and passion for teaching and guiding children as they grow.

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