How Will You Make One Change Today?

Upon reading the numerous reflections of EduCon 2.3, I feel there’s not much more to say. So I guess I’ll take a different approach…

What I do know is that I treasured every moment with people while in Philadelphia. I met people I follow on Twitter. I hung out with Tweeps that I know and love. I immersed myself in a culture of passionate educators in search of change. Some have already started that change in their buildings, while others sought out ways to move into a new direction. Here are my thoughts, as of late, when it comes to moving forward.

Teaching can often be an isolating profession if you aren’t in good company. If you can’t find someone in your building, then find people somewhere else. There are plenty of people out there who think and do like you. Trust me, I’ve found A LOT of them! Get on Twitter. Read blogs. Go to conferences on your own dime (I know the expense, but it’s SO worth it!). Find a community online that will support you when it seems no one else will.

Don’t be afraid to try new things in your classroom. Keep in mind, you might have to develop some thick skin for this. The moment you start doing something new in your room that doesn’t go along with the status quo, just breathe and keep telling yourself that you’re doing it for the students. Pay no attention to the attention you might get.

Challenge your administration. I’m not saying to push the line, but make your presence known. I find myself questioning my administration much more now. Why are certain rules enforced/not enforced? Why are certain teachers given certain privileges? Ask for things. Show them that you are vested in change. Make them see your passion and take notice of what you’re doing. Just know that if you take this step, be prepared to be out there for everyone to see.

Get involved in policy. I’m still working on this one myself. I do like to bombard people at my district office with plenty of emails, blog posts, forwards, and the like. Just when I start to lose hope that it even matters, I get a response. Be bold and brazen.

I see so many faces that want change. Many were there with me at EduCon this weekend. How will you make one change today?


One thought on “How Will You Make One Change Today?

  1. SO true that teaching can be isolating! I love my online PLC – bloggers I read who teach me new things and keep me inspired. You’re on my RSS feed now too!

    Trying new things with technology now has people coming to my door on a regular basis asking me for ideas πŸ™‚ Today I was asked, “When are you going to be doing a training on . . .?” Hmm – me?? I’m not on the tech staff! πŸ™‚ But I will of course lead a training session if asked, will offer to do one, and will help people out on a informal basis even if a more organized session never happens! Because I know that by helping the teachers in my building, I’m helping the kids! And my leadership has already been acknowledged by the district as, for the moment, I’m the only one with an iPad2 “because we know you’ll make the most of it and help show us what it can do” πŸ™‚

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