Rx: EduCon

Monday’s staff meeting announced we didn’t make AYP. We then brainstormed new ways to make sure our students pass those tests and guarantee that we make those numbers this year. I’m tired of having to come up with the solution,and I know I’m not the only one. I ask my students to be creative and solve their own problems, yet we can’t seem to help them solve the problems on the tests that measure whether or not we’re doing our job. The irony.

I left my staff meeting feeling deflated. The President’s State of the Union address helped me feel a bit better and more appreciated for what I do, but only momentarily. Then reality set back in when I was forced to continue preparing my students for their first ever high-stakes test the following day. My students are not showing me signs of hope right now and I’m still left wondering, how can I make this better?

I’m off to EduCon for a much needed break, gathering of my community, and hopefully a renewed sense of purpose, inspiration, and drive. It takes being among people who understand this state of being and understand the state of our education system to truly help me gather myself by the bootstraps and buck up for the remaining time I have with my students this year. Maybe I’ll be struck by a genius thought that will break me of this feeling (I’m certainly hoping to have one of those). Or maybe it will simply be being in the presence of great educators that will make me realize just how important my job is and that I better make every day worth it. Either way, I’m ready to be challenged and re-energized.

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