When Two Worlds Collide

Sometimes I feel like I live two lives when it comes to my world as a teacher in my building amongst my staff and in my digital community as an educator who loves to learn, share, and be among people who understand. With that disclaimer, I must confess that I’m finding it very hard to openly invite people from my building to EdcampOmaha in March because while I want my staff to see what intrigues me and draws me to my digital community, I’m not quite sure if I’m ready for these two worlds to mix.

I’m a regular 2nd grade teacher in my building. I’m not a 1:1 teacher like I’d love to be, nor am I the technology magnet teacher. I’m just an avid user of tech and know that it’s crucial for my students to learn how to use tech and also imperative for their learning to take place because of how this generation learns. Therefore, I’m not necessarily the person who gets asked how to do something or even what I do with tech in my class because I don’t have the credentials. In reality, if my staff knew the amount of time that I spend teaching myself these things, learning the newest technologies, and consuming information, they might start to understand my passion and begin asking me the questions.

So now that you have more background knowledge, you may understand my dilemma a bit more. I want to expose my staff to my digital community, introduce them to amazing educators that I know, inform them of new technologies they’ve never heard of, and get them genuinely excited about the possibilities of what they can do in their classrooms. I just can’t shake the feeling that mixing my two worlds just won’t turn out the way I expect, they won’t see the ‘big deal’, or worse yet, they get completely turned off.

As of now, I have put the invitation out there to two specific people and they agreed to come. I’ve also shared the information about EdcampOmaha with my assistant principal who said she will forward the email to the entire staff. I’m putting it out there and willing to share, but still fear the letdown when my two worlds collide.


3 thoughts on “When Two Worlds Collide

  1. Let me start by saying, for the many of you who will read this and not know me, I’m one of the main organizers (with a crew of great helpers!) of EdCamp Omaha. So I’m a tad bit biased. I think everyone should come (And to do so, or learn more, please visit http://edcampomaha.wikispaces.com). I’m also on the Board of Directors for NETA, the state tech organization. Now that the disclosure is over…
    I feel I lead a very similar double life. I don’t think my colleagues know why I’m putting this conference on. Well, I’m putting it on for a lot of reasons.
    I feel that we as a state are generally behind many other states in the area of online sharing and I’m jealous. I’m extremely jealous of Iowa (yeah, I said it). I love all of the interactions they have across the river. #vanmeter #newellfonda #wsrconnect I can go on and on. Maybe I’m missing out on some big Nebraska online community…but I know a lot of people and I don’t see it on a large scale. That doesn’t mean that we don’t have OUTSTANDING teachers in this state – I see it ever year at the NETA conference and hear about it from my colleagues when I’m at meetings. But I have more daily interactions with people outside of the state than inside. I think it changes every day. I love finding new Nebraska educators on Twitter. And I’m trying to help grow that change. At EdCamp Omaha, people from Nebraska can come see what Shannon Miller is doing at Van Meter and what those connections to Detroit, Minnesota, etc., mean to their kids. I want Bridgette Wagoner to make the long drive to talk about what they are doing in Waterloo with their PD. And, I want THEM to know what we are doing that we aren’t sharing online. And I want them to help foster those new connections and help our teachers the value of the online educational community.
    I am not putting on EdCamp Omaha to subconsciously convert everyone to Twitter. Twitter isn’t for everyone. I’m putting on EdCamp Omaha as a way to share great instructional ideas in the classroom. It’s NOT a technology conference, it’s an education conference. Please make that very clear to your colleagues. It’s about great lessons and instruction, no matter the tools used. Your staff has great ideas to share. I guarantee it.
    I hope this helps. I agree, it’s not easy to put into words why EdCamps (all of them) are important. This isn’t NETA. It’s a completely different conference. It’s for people who are passionate about kids. It’s not about the teaching. It’s not about instruction. It’s got to be about kids. Please have them come share what they are doing, and see what others are doing, to make kids’ school experience better.
    I promise to do so if you do 🙂

  2. Awesome post, teaching in a Nebraska school where the highest number of students in a grade is our Kindergarten class with 15, it is hard to get the technology. I have had to get it myself through Donors Choose, and now I’m not even sure I will get to keep it if I move on…I’m getting married in July.

    Rock the technology in the classroom girl!

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