Keep it in Check

My guest post for Angela Maiers discussed my passion in regards to how finding an online community of educators has changed my world. This is something that has now become part of my vernacular and existence.

Last night I attended a wedding reception for one of my husband’s fraternity brothers. I was pleased to see all of his friends and catch up with their significant others. Pretty soon the conversation turned to, “So what are you up to these days?” To be honest, A LOT! But of course, that was also the moment that I took to share this very passion in person.

I’m sure I went on a soapbox for much of the conversation, but it was so nice to talk to people both in and out of education. We discussed how students and children in general are different today and how we have to change our ways in order to teach and prepare them for their future. We bantered about how undergrad programs do not accurately prepare teacher candidates how to best teach these 21st Century learners. We even discussed how Twitter and other social networks can be used for amazing professional development and not just checking in on old high school acquaintances.

I could have gone on for much longer, but I finally realized that I had blathered enough. So, my question then became, how do you keep that passionate position or internal discourse in check? I want to show how much this means to me, yet not scare people away by being too passionate. Is there a balance? If so, how do you keep it in check?

2 thoughts on “Keep it in Check

  1. Oh… Kristina… you speak my inner thoughts. I so look forward to hearing a resonating answer in response to your lofty question!

    Last night I sent a TED Talk to a supervisor I knew would really appreciate it. In return, she sent me another to view. Game on! Passion shared! But, my response to her video today via email was a tome! How do I curb the lengthy emails that substitute for a deep f2f discussion that would otherwise never be held?

    I’m told I think too much. Something tells me you’re likely told the same thing once in awhile ;~)

    I’ll be retweeting your link in hopes of bringing about the answer! Thanks for raising the question.


  2. I hear you! My passion is inclusive education and I have found so much through social networking that drives the passion. Its hard now to temper that when I talk to people face to face. Not an easy balance. I hope there are some answers here for you because they will also help me.

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