Silly Moments

Today started my 11th day back at school. My students have gotten the routine down for the most part. If you read my last post about procedures vs. assessments, I will have you know I compromised a bit and assessed for one hour while I had the help of the literacy teachers who came in to teach for me. Then we went back to working on our stamina for Daily 5, reviewing spelling for Sitton Spelling, and trying to establish and maintain some sense of order and normalcy.

This afternoon though I had one of those moments where I just didn’t want to practice doing something because we’re supposed to. I rearranged my plans and we did other things that I had planned for later in the week. But I just sensed that my kids were feeling squirrely today. So I stopped what we were doing and got down on the floor with them. I then proceeded to show them my stupid human tricks that I do. I ran through the list of things:

1. Touch nose with tongue
2. Fold tongue in half
3. Roll tongue
4. Flip tongue over
5. Cross my eyes and move one while other stays crossed
6. Bend each finger and flick the end of the finger quickly like there’s no bone
7. Sing

I had already told them that I auditioned for American Idol. They weren’t too sure that I was being honest. So they asked me to sing. I did. For the life of me, I couldn’t think of a song on the spot, so I sang the Star-Spangled Banner. They all sat with eyes wide open, not moving an inch, staring at every move I made, and completely enthralled in the olde English words that came out of my mouth. When the song was done, they proceeded to burst into claps that went on for a long time and they were all grinning ear-to-ear.

They were able to see that I love to laugh, be silly, and have fun. They were able to be captivated by my love of singing. They were able to see me as a person for just a few minutes, and not just as their teacher. I hope that these few minutes of my day to have nothing but silliness and non-academic related content flourish in my time with these kids. They need to know that I am human. I am someone who has very high expectations and know that they can meet these. I also want what’s best for them because I genuinely care about them and want them to do well not only in my classroom, but in life.

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