Promises, Promises

“You make me promises, promises…” That’s actually the song I have running through my head right now as I planned this blog post. Yes, it is about promises. Why? Because my students will be entering my 2nd grade classroom in approximately 9 hours and I need to make them some promises for the new year.

As your teacher this year, I promise to:
– Greet you in the morning, regardless of…whether I’m ready for the day or not or even in the right mood
– Have extremely high expectations because I know you are more than capable of meeting them
– Be open and honest with you because the more I let you into my life, the more you will let me into yours
– Tell you stories because you like to hear how my dogs, Murphy and Katie, chased each other inside my house
– Make you laugh because you actually live longer when you do and have fun at the same time
– Introduce you to the world outside of our classroom because there are a lot more people in this world than our class of 20
– Let you explore the world of technology with me guiding you along because you may know how to use certain things, but you don’t know how to necessarily use them to learn
– Make you read, read, read, and read some more because you need to develop that reading skill and get your brain working everyday
– Play music as often as I can because music and learning go hand-in-hand
– Ask questions about anything and everything because the most intelligent minds are the ones who are curious
– Complete projects that are original and creative because imagination is a survival skill that you must hone
– Challenge you with work that is harder than you want it to be because that is the only way to stretch the brain, find out how much you can do, and persevere until you succeed
– Try not to focus on the tests because we’ll go crazy if we do
– Connect with other teachers around the world because we can learn from them and they can learn from you
– Talk to your parents so they know they can always come visit us in our classroom
– Fail, and fail often, right in front of you because it is the only way that you will learn that you can fail a thousand times and eventually succeed…just like you do in the real world

If we promise these things to our students, they will want to promise us their best in return. This is my hope for the new year. This is my promise.


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