Dinner and Advice

Tomorrow I report for my first day back to work. I’m anxious, excited, nervous, and ready to start the year off right.

I have learned so much this summer that it’s hard to even wrap my head around it. I don’t want to become that fanatical teacher who goes on and on about things learned and done over the summer. But I am that person. Get me started on just one thing and it’s hard to shut me up about what I learned about this or that. It’s who I am. I love what I do and it spills over into everything.

Just ask my husband. He’s so gracious in putting up with my incessant blathering about education when he could really care less. Yet, he still listens (at least I think he does) and sometimes even puts his thoughts out for me to ponder. He gives me an angle outside of education. It’s refreshing at times to hear thoughts of someone who’s not in “it” because it’s all about perspective anyway.

So he once again did that this evening when he took me out for my pre-school year dinner/pep talk/advice session. He doesn’t say things exactly in these words, but this is what I heard from him tonight. Remember that you are there for the students, not everybody else. Keep learning from your online community of teachers because that’s where you seem to get motivated. Don’t let the rut of school get you down. Remember that you are there for the students, not everybody else, you are after all an educator (for kiddos). Stay passionate for the right reasons. Continue to try new things in your class and don’t let failure stop you. Remember that you are there for the students.

In case you didn’t notice, remember that you are there for the students, is mentioned three times because it’s something I have to remind myself of often. I do my job to prepare students for the future. I teach because I want to empower students, as young as 7 and 8, to know their potential in this world. It all comes down to that. So long as I remember that, then I AM doing my job.


One thought on “Dinner and Advice

  1. Hi Kristina,

    Great post! I could totally relate to it, as you are not alone in your ‘incessant blathering’… I too talk my hubby’s ear off at times. My spouse is also not in education, and I often find his point of view refreshing!

    I think the repeating theme that we are there for students is critical. I also like your husbands advice to “try new things in your class and don’t let failure stop you”.

    I hope you have a great first day back at school tomorrow. Are the kids there with you right from the get go? Or do you have a few days of PD?

    All the best,

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