OPS Tech Summit PLN Session

Omaha Public Schools holds an annual Tech Summit for local educators. This was my first year attending the gathering where OPS teachers led various sessions on educational technology.

I initially signed up to present on how to create your Personal Learning Network (PLN) way back in April. Little did I know that meeting my own PLN community at ISTE10 would be so inspiring. As I began preparing my actual presentation yesterday (I know, a procrastinator all the way), I kept unearthing more and more resources that already told the story I wanted to tell. It was great! So I just compiled some of these into my handy dandy Glog and some accompanying slidedecks. I was set and ready to tell my fellow OPS teachers why it was so important to get involved.

My session ultimately only had five people. While I could be saddened by the numbers, I was actually even more inspired by those five people. They let me gush about how I had found this community of other educators and how it had become such a part of who I am. We talked Twitter, RSS feeds, Nings, and more. But it wasn’t about the slick 2.0 networking features that stood out the most. Instead, it was those five people sitting there listening and having a conversation with me, eagerly learning how to open up their own worlds. I could see moments of “a-ha” and the ideas starting to run free. I could see the potential of introducing these five people to my community and my world and where that could possibly lead both them and myself.

That hour of sharing flashed in the blink of an eye, but it will be with me much longer and continue to multiply in ways that even I can’t foresee.


One thought on “OPS Tech Summit PLN Session

  1. Great job, Kristina!
    I’m just getting plugged into my own PLN following the fabulous #rscon10 this past weekend and I love that last line of your post that references that you can’t even forsee how much your efforts with those 5 teachers will multiply. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the past 3 days its the power of a PLN to exponentially expand your resources, contacts, and knowledge as an educator! If anything you may have been even MORE effective because you got to really dig deep w/those five. Keep it up!! šŸ™‚

    – Becky Searls – please visit my blog too – just getting (re)started blogging and welcome visitors!

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