A Shining Star Gone Too Soon

She was 8 years old and ready to begin her year as a 3rd grader in 3 weeks. She was smart and talented. She was a shining star.

This little girl was my teaching partner’s student last year. Since we teach each other’s students, I had the chance to get to know this girl. She was special.

I just got the phone call from one of our team members that she is being taken off of life support as I type. A late catch of a brain tumor took her away. Her parents and younger sister are left behind.

How do you react to this news? I’ve never had this happen in my 4 short years as a teacher. I don’t know what to say, think, feel. I can’t stop crying for this little 8-year-old. It makes me question so many things. I believe in God, but question why he would take her? She had so much more to do in this world.

How do you process this? She wasn’t my child, not even my student. But there’s still a little piece of me that is aching now that she’s gone.


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