Keeping up with our students?

I just re-read my last post about teaching within context and the idea of project-based learning. Now I’ve been sitting here collecting my thoughts to how I can feasibly go back into the classroom and do that while ensuring that I meet standards and have proof of learning for administration and parents. I’ve looked at many templates that will help guide me in these units of study, but how do you overhaul a mindset that says, “this isn’t what school is supposed to look like?”

I work very closely with another teacher in my building and am anxiously awaiting our first meeting to discuss the upcoming year because my thoughts on learning have radically changed – even just a week ago thanks to fellow educators who pushed my beliefs at ISTE10 and everyday through my PLN. She is a master teacher who never ceases to amaze me and I have learned so much from her. I’m actually nervous about taking these ideas back to her because I’m unsure of what her reaction will be.

In my post about the Digital Generation, the research is out there that supports the fact that today’s students simply don’t learn the way we did and we therefore need to change how we’re teaching. So are we as teachers really ready to make that change? Are we ready to be facilitators who help them learn from the side instead of the wise ones up front who preach their knowledge? I don’t know. I believe in the possibilities of doing so, but worry that when it comes down to it, I’ll revert back to the old ways because that’s what will get the standards met and prepare them for the CAT test best…right?

This shift in thinking, teaching, pedagogy, or what have you is definitely going to take time. However, if we don’t keep up with our students, there’s no way that they’ll slow down for us.

One thought on “Keeping up with our students?

  1. This post expresses much of how I am feeling following #rscon10 his wkend- I know I want to radically change my approach in the classroom & my role bt fear my colleagues’ reactions! Let’s hope for the best but expect the worst, I guess! (in terms of their buy-in that is!)

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