Initial Thoughts on ISTE10

I first submitted my request to attend ISTE late January. I really thought I had no shot of getting my district to pay for it. I was wrong…and so glad I was.

The hype of this exposition is pretty grand. It is in fact called an exposition and not a convention any longer because exposition is the term used globally. By changing the word, it was assumed that more international attendees would attend. I’m unsure of how many did so before the name change, but there are certainly people from everywhere.

The grandeur of the exposition is written in the program book that weighs a good 2-3 pounds. Every session, workshop, advertisement, map, etc is written out for all participants. As much as I love to go paperless, the online version of the program was extremely difficult to follow and plan my three days. I was grateful to get the bound book to ensure that I was able to plan well.

The Colorado Convention Center (CCC) is 1,000,000,000 square feet. There is a lot of space to walk, so be prepared. It reminds me of crossing campus in college at Arizona State…a lot of ground to cover and not necessarily a lot of time to do it.

Take the time to come a day early and participate in EduBloggerCon. This is where my community of people online congregated and had the “unconference”. There are no set sessions, just a proposal of topics to discuss, and a conversation to be had. This is very worthwhile and so beneficial.

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