Content that Doesn’t Require Bandwidth

Ever try showing a video to your students to only have it interrupted by the never ending buffering circle? I have. It gets to be pretty frustrating when trying to show something so simple too.

Instead of fighting with any sort of live stream, I use Zamzar to convert files. I input the video (or file of any kind) URL, decide which format I want it converted to from a dropdown menu, input my email address, and then wait for the conversion wizardry to happen. I get an email when it’s ready to be downloaded. I simply click to download, direct it where I want it to be saved, and voila!

It’s amazing to me the amount of people who still don’t know about this WONDERFUL resource that I use A LOT! In fact, @wesfryer asked the question, do the teachers in your building know what to do if the bandwidth won’t support live stream? I knew some people might, but certainly not everyone.

When I finally got to present to my staff yesterday about the multiple resources I discovered at the Iowa 1:1 Conference (and through my PLN), I was delighted to share Zamzar. Not one person had ever heard of it. Since the site is actually blocked at our school, I prefaced that it required prep time outside of school. But many people had never even considered downloading the content directly to have it at their disposal and not at the school’s bandwidth.

This morning, I had a couple of conversations and emails in response to Zamzar specifically. Several went home and tried using Zamzar. They loved it!

Many thanks to @angelamaiers for first introducing this tool to me back in October. I would have missed out on quite a few key teachable moments without content directly loaded on my desktop!

If you haven’t given Zamzar a try, you should!


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