Technology 101

My school is piloting a new social network within the confines of my school called Portal.  I briefly showed my students the other day and they thought it was so cool.  I have since been in contact with all of the right people in the district to get this up and running for my kids.  We’re in the process of setting up individual email accounts so they can register for a Portal account.  We hope to be up and running with this by the first week of December.

The question I keep asking myself is, how do I use this new outlet?  I want my kids to understand the importance of such social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, etc – which is why I’m getting them involved with this anyway.  But how can I include content in this?  I have varying levels of abilities/readers/writers, so I can’t expect them all to be able to read a posed question and respond, or can I?  Is it really all about expectations?  If I model how to do this many times, especially for my ELL students, then expect them to be able to do it, will they?  I know that I might be completely surprised by their abilities, but what if my expectations are just too high?


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