Guilty and confused

My district supports celebrating holidays.  Each individual school gets to decide how that takes place.  Since I work in a predominately Catholic-based school, we celebrate Christmas and still bring Santa in and all.  This is not to say that we don’t have nonbelievers or even non-celebrators, but as a whole, we celebrate, including Halloween.

Out of my 15 students, I only had 2 that didn’t celebrate Halloween with us on Friday.  That’s perfectly fine with me because I never celebrated it when I was a child either.  My problem is, the students didn’t tell me that they didn’t celebrate Halloween until Wednesday.  I was unaware of this the whole month of October and did many things that were Halloween related.  I specifically asked if there were any students who didn’t celebrate and I got mixed answers.  Some said no, but when I followed up with the question of what they dressed up as last year, they told me in full detail.  So, were they just telling me no for the heck of it?  Unfortunately, these 2 didn’t celebrate and I feel guilty now.  I would not have done certain projects, given certain worksheets with Halloween themes or anything!  So, should I apologize to their parents?  Should I now double-check to ensure that they can celebrate Christmas?  I’m getting ready to start discussing how various countries celebrate Christmas, so can they be involved with that either?  I’m feeling guilty and confused.

One thought on “Guilty and confused

  1. Generally, the parents let you know because it is for religious reasons. I would make sure that you check their AIF forms and/or cums and maybe ask last year’s teacher. After you check these things, discuss it withy parent and then offer a short apology. They have some responsibility to let you know those things also, it’s not all on the teacher.
    This is something you may want to check at the beginning of the year from now on. This is how we learn about the little details, when we mess up.

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