ESL methods or just good teaching?

To my fellow teachers who teach in any urban school setting, or any school with ESL/ELL students for that matter:

ESL Instruction and its many strategies are simply one of THE most effective methods of teaching in the 21st Century.  I have come to this conclusion because of the current ESL Methods class I’m taking and all of the research it entails.  Honestly, differentiation and modification are the only manners in which a “regular” classroom can even survive in today’s learning environment.  How can students learn with their multiple intelligences and using the various stages of Bloom’s Taxonomy if we’re not using these various strategies to teach content?  It simply isn’t possible.

It really doesn’t matter if you have students with another language as their primary language in your classroom any longer.  My point is, the use of visual cues, songs, rhymes, chants, drama, repetition, etc appeals to all intelligences in a”regular” classroom and should therefore be used, regardless of ESL/ELL labels on any given student.

Tell me some of the various “ESL” methods or strategies that you use in your classroom to help your students!


One thought on “ESL methods or just good teaching?

  1. Methods are really the basis for our teaching, daily. I mean, we cannot teach on the basis of thin air. But, foremost we have also include creativity and try to be spontaneous. Teaching is not only a bunch of lesson planning; but also the chance to grow as a teacher and as a student, both personally and academically.
    I really like the communicative approach, it’s worth using it on the ESL classroom.

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