Master or Novice?

After spending 3 hours planning for guided reading this week, I was no further than where I first started.  You see, I’m trying to implement CAFE by The 2 Sisters, but I’m learning how to as I go.  Therefore, I’m not proficient enough to even be teaching it yet.  Right?  But isn’t that part of teaching – learning as you go?

That got me thinking about our preconceived notions about teaching…Why is it that we think we must be masters or completely proficient in something before we can teach it?  That’s so wrong!  The greatest part of teaching is learning along with the students.  How genuine of a person/teacher can you be if you learn right alongside the students while they’re discovering and investigating?  I LOVE being able to share that experience with my students!!

Ok, I might not be fully capable of teaching this new approach of guided reading, but I’ll be learning along the way.  That’s what I do.  That’s what WE do as teachers.  So, what’s the last thing you’ve taught your students without fully knowing enough to answer EVERY question?  Try teaching without being the master and see what happens!


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