Getting through

Do you ever have those parents that simply deny problems with their child that you see in the classroom on a daily basis?  I’m not a parent, and I’ve been told that I just don’t understand because of that.  But I have a hard time believing that the person who spends the majority of the day with a child and sees certain behaviors on a very consistent basis would be wrong in voicing their concern.

I have done this in a formal meeting following district guidelines and again during conferences.  Yet, I still get excuse after excuse.  It just makes me wonder if the parents even know their child.  Don’t they see that they’re not learning because of constant self-distractions and the inability to follow any directions without redirection?  Argh!  I want to be the voice for this child.  But how can I, if the parents just want to pretend it doesn’t exist or blame it on genetics because dad had behavior and authority issues when he was younger.  I don’t think I’m getting through to them, which leaves me feeling hopeless and extremely frustrated.

I need your advice and wisdom to help me make them see!  Anyone…


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